Hibernate is no-fuss 25+ Year Food Storage you’ll actually want to eat.

Why food storage?

Whether you’re seeking peace of mind from natural disasters, pandemic and quarantines, civil unrest, unemployment, or any other situation that can cause disruptions to your food supply, Hibernate Food Storage delivers peace of mind.

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Emergencies Suck. Your food shouldn't.

Hibernate not only tastes amazing (because it's real food), but we make it easy to buy, store, and prepare. It's the simplest, most nutritionally-complete to be prepared for any food emergency.

  • No rotation
  • No complicated prep
  • No cooking
  • No waste
  • Just add water

Food Insurance

Think of Hibernate as insurance that protects you from going without one of life’s most essential needs—food.

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Protect and provide for your family amid uncertainty
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Be prepared for whatever the future holds
Free from the effects of inflation
Lock in your food supplies at today’s prices—free from the effects of inflation
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Why Hibernate?

Traditional food storage like oats, wheat, beans, etc. are bulky, difficult to cook with, and confusing to know what or how much you need.

You DON'T a complicated rotation system that results in hundreds of dollars wasted in spoiled food. What you do need is something that simplifies your busy life and eliminates stress and worry.

With Hibernate you know exactly what to buy. And when you need it, all you have to do is add water.

Make life easy.
Get Hibernate, and put your food storage worries to bed for good.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Live Prepared made it easy for us to get "squared away." We love not worrying about not being prepared anymore.

Is is weird to hope for a good excuse to try some of it?

Brett C.

When the food came, we wanted to be sure it was something we'd enjoy eating, so we took it on our latest camping trip. Sure they say it has a 25 year shelf live, but I don't think it'll last two. This stuff is delicious.  

Rachel T.

Couldn't be easier to prepare and the storage is a piece of cake.

We were glad to finally get rid of some of the 20-year-old wheat taking up room in our basement and replace it with Live Prepared in half that space.

Ammon G.